Agile methodology: more relevant than ever

If 2021 begins with more than 4 daily meetings held throughout the working day, we have a problem. If preparing a report takes you and your team more than a week, and part of the setbacks is knowing where the last correct version was.good.good.laultima.okokok we have a problem.

2021 starts as a year that demands from its first day that we are sufficiently adapted to the new work normality. The previous year was a curve where all companies and agencies had the opportunity to learn little by little and adapt their processes, the stark reality is that by 2021 all work centers would have to adopt the agile methodology, as a new labor scheme implemented in all your processes. If not, then there are problems.

It is not necessary to see a problem as something that must be thrown on the canvas and from which there is no escape, quite the contrary. Part of solving a problem consists of raising awareness of it and of all the setbacks that its prevalence generates. Very often these are habits that we have been replicating within all of our work teams for years. Well then, it’s time to unlearn them.

Once the problem is in your perspective and you recognize all that it implies in the productive line of your team, it is time to dissect each step and locate well where each knot is. It is not as simple as going to the doctor and receiving a pill against ineffectiveness, but gradual and sometimes a little painful.

¿Está mi dinámica laboral atrapada en los 80s? 

Resultado de imagen para 80s office

Diagnosing downtime in your work dynamics is not especially complicated, and it does not require you to be the CEO of the place where you work, it is an exercise of much observation. Traditional work dynamics are distinguished by a long response time towards customers, poor quality deliverables, bottlenecks where many things depend on a single person, systematically repetitive review of processes that do not finish taking shape and, of course: the classic Juntitis.

Si, sea cual sea tu posición, detectas  algo que aún sin depender de ti, podría haciéndose de otra manera, agilizar el proceso donde te encuentras involucrado, estás en el camino de solucionar un problema de eficiencia muy importante para tu organización . 

Metodología Agile para todo.  

Taller, Plumas, Post-It Nota, Nota Adhesiva, Negocio

Given all the above, a solution that has been developed since 2001 and that is gradually becoming the production model that many companies have adopted, is the Agile Methodology. A solution devised by software developers, which little by little has proven to be the best answer at a general level, especially to avoid falling into fatal potholes within your agency.

The Agile methodology favors the ability to respond in a short time. That is why to evolve to this we must understand that they are processes that do not change within an organism overnight, but rather imply constant renewal in the organization. Locating inefficient or totally unproductive elements within the organization, and getting rid of them by integrating new processes based on an agile method is essential.

It is not difficult to understand what it is about. The most important characteristics of the Agile Methodology are:

  • Quality: Either for delivery to customers or end user. The experience is lighter and with fewer errors.
  • Commitment: Within the organization, it encourages the participation and awareness of employees. 
  • Speed: The premise of the “methodology” is to shorten the reaction, implementation and decision-making time.
  • Productivity: Facilitates the best management of resources, and avoids “productive limbs”.

Of course, the Agile Methodology is much more complex than this blog post. But without a doubt it is a tool that will help every work team to evolve and pass this 2021 with much greater certainty and less stress.

Do you want to know more about the Agile Methodology? We do too.