Content rules your marketing strategy.

If we think about the history of our humanity and focus on the evolution of art, even without knowing much about the subject, we can easily locate three things: All art is contextual, art represents an engine for thought and action, and finally: Art is not for everyone, as it requires minimal qualities for us to digest it.

Well, if with this, we travel to the moment when art became “entertainment” in order to get closer to the entire public, when it began to be an industry, we will realize an elementary premise: Content rules.

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A book that we have read all our lives, a concert that “we cannot miss”, a movie that made our heads spin, an album that marked us since we were children, a television program that we have watched for years, and so on. All this is content, and although we believe that we were the ones who decided to make it part of our lives, the reality is the opposite. Everything is designed to create in us little impulses, preferences, predilections, tendencies, consumption habits, orders. It is not conspiracy, it is that it is.

Well, does the content rule or what?

In recent years, a postulation has been developed in the digital field that in many places seems to pretend to be the black thread of Digital Marketing, and that speaks of the role of content as a strategy axis, as something that we recently discovered to be the case; And although the importance of the content is 100% indisputable, the way to reach this conclusion is a bit naive.

Let’s see content as a “call to action” that comes through our senses, and from which we inevitably have a reaction, to buy something, not do it, seek not to interact with it again, share it with someone, repudiate it, etc. Without a doubt, the moment we react to content, it commands.

Content is part of everything we live daily, our ability to create it and our interaction with it is, in essence, one of the few things that distinguish us from other animals.

All this can be read theoretical and pompous, but the truth is that without being clear we would have to ask ourselves questions such as “Why is content the axis in a marketing strategy? … let’s not go through that.

But what is good content?