Of course, there are many other reasons why creativity has a complicated path to prevail in our adult life, but surely they are all associated with our pace and standard of living. One way or the other; especially in the marketing and advertising industry, creativity is an asset that must always be well nourished and is extremely valuable; not only on the strictly creative levels. In companies, creativity is seen as a broad capacity for “innovation”.

Innovate to create new business routes, innovate to establish more efficient processes, or to strengthen the work environment. For a company, creativity has everything in its favor and nothing against it. Regardless of its hierarchical level, a creative element has a high potential to help your company transcend and be much more competitive compared to other organizations in the same sector.

Almost by nature, creative people find hidden routes where no one else sees them, take risks, have little fear of other people’s perception, focus on solving new problems and challenges, and are rarely frustrated. The best of all is that regardless of our position, age or area of specialty, we are all creative, the detail is in: how to wake up and start exercising that old muscle that many of us could have so stunted?

Encourage creativity in your agency!

There are many exercises on “how to stimulate creativity when we are already grown up”. Particularly in the office, here are some tips to encourage creativity at work:

Creativity in the office is always the key to innovation.

  • Outline: Concept maps are an excellent example of how to activate creative thinking. Start from the basics and draw a map of the “problem” closest to you. The solutions will speak for themselves.
  • Listen: Although it may initially feel like it’s boring and unnecessary, listening carefully to other members of your organization will help you break out of the mental loop you find yourself in, expand your outlook, and start finding solutions.
  • Take a Chance: It is not exclusive to entrepreneurship. Embracing the “risk” of failure is a common denominator to achieve innovation. Not only in artists, the best ideas always come after a huge number of mistakes. Do you have a risky idea? Don’t be afraid to externalize it.
  • Communicate: A company or agency is, like any organization, an organism that lives by the interconnection of all its areas. There will always be someone to communicate your ideas to. Try it.
  • Analyze: Don’t be afraid to question things, observe something and ask yourself as much as you can about it.

Are you the leader of your organization?

Beyond the fact that promoting creativity will increase the labor well-being of your company, your organization will always be the main beneficiary of implementing creative ideas. Do not lose sight, despite the fact that your objectives are specific, there are many routes to achieve them that you may be overlooking. Always listen to everyone, talk to everyone, and above all: do not inhibit their voices.